How to Organize Your Own Engagement Party

First and foremost, we would like to congratulate you that you are finally engaged! Now that you have a brand-new sparkler on your finger, it is time to inform everybody and plan for an engagement party.  

Organizing your own engagement party is surely a challenging thing you need to do especially when you are also strained by the thought of planning and preparing for your own wedding day. But when properly planned and well-executed, your engagement party will also be memorable to everyone. And, do not forget to make the moment immortal by hiring an Engagement Photography Service.

So, if you are having some difficulty in planning the first steps, we give you the basic baby steps for a nicely planned engagement party. 

1. Decide who will host 

In a traditional way, it is the bride’s parents who should host the engagement party; however, it is not a hard and fast rule. You can make your BFFs, siblings, your fiancé, or you as the host of the party. Remember, you are also not required to host a grand party. You can always opt to have a small party with very few important people invited.  

2.List people to invite 

Speaking about having few people to invite, the list of people in the gathering needs to be planned and determined beforehand. The engagement party is commonly intimate for the couple’s dearest friends and family. When planning for your list, it is better to avoid including new friends, parents’ friends, new colleagues, or friends who live far and cannot travel for the party. And as a rule of thumb, anyone you invite in the engagement party needs to be invited to the wedding too. So, you better finalize the list of your wedding invitations to help you determine engagement party guests. 

3. Pick a date and a venue 

An engagement party is usually held shortly after the guy already have proposed to the girl. However, you can have a small delay on this though, as long as you have it well planned.  

This event is also flexible. You can have it grand, or small; formal or informal. When it comes to choosing the venue, your parent’s home or your aunts’ backyard is already an option. You can also opt to more formal like a private dining room at your favorite spot or restaurant.  

4.Set a theme and decide for the decor 

Your decors depend on what theme you choose. Usually, the theme of the engagement party matches the wedding theme. However, you can just tie everything with a color palette.  

For add-ons, aside from having the usual floral, bird cages, balloons decors, you can also have a Love Storyboard with the dates and milestones of your relationship together at the entrance of the venue.  

5.Plan the menu 

Typically, you can choose for passe appetizers or some display of meats, crudites, and cheeses for an evening cocktail. However, when you planned to have a lowkey party at the backyard, you can just have a favorite cookout fare.  

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